What would you do with $1000?

The National Breast Center Foundation knows what we would do! We would use it to further our mission of providing even more women in need with access to screening and treatment for breast cancer.

The Foundation was recently asked this question by two local breast cancer survivors who support our commitment to help more women gain access to breast cancer screening and life-saving treatments. To give NBCF a greater opportunity to help provide services to low-income and uninsured women, award-winning realtors Catherine Jouet and Linda Wolf of Keller Williams Metro Center, listed as Top Realtors in Washingtonian Magazine, have launched The Survivor Network. They will donate $1000 to NBCF for each home bought or sold through their program, anywhere in the country! Yes, anywhere in the United States! Linda and Catherine have a network of outstanding partner agents throughout the country who are excited about participating in this worthwhile program.

The National Breast Center Foundation is not the only entity that will benefit from this program. Homebuyers participating in this program will receive a $1000 credit toward their closing costs at settlement when working with the program’s lender, Bill Christopher, Senior Vice President of Federal Savings Bank. The National Breast Center Foundation is excited to endorse this program, not only for the enormous benefit it will provide women in need and their families, but as a way of giving you, our incredible supporters in a very personal way. This program is definitely a WIN/WIN for us all, but especially for the many women who put off critical screening, testing and treatment that could save their lives due to financial constraints or lack of insurance.

NBCF is grateful to team up with two gracious, strong and determined survivors who want to give back to help other women and make a difference in the battle against breast cancer. Catherine and Linda would be pleased to meet with you to see how they can help you while also helping the foundation further its mission.

For additional information on the foundation and this program, please visit www.nbcfsurvivornetwork.weebly.com. We hope you will share this program with your friends and family to help make it a major success. Together we can make a difference in the fight against breast cancer!

Dr. David C. Weintritt, Board Certified Breast Surgeon
Founder, National Breast Center Foundation

Martha V. Carucci, 
Executive Director, National Breast Center Foundation