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New Members of NCBF Board of Directors


June 22, 2016

 The National Breast Center Foundation is pleased to announce the addition of two new members to its Board of Directors. Ashley Chamberlain and Kara Gorski will be invaluable assets to the mission of the foundation.

Ashley Chamberlain has admired the vision and the work of the National Breast Cancer Foundation since its creation in 2014. With many friends and relatives affected by breast cancer and other debilitating medical conditions, Ashley looks forward to getting involved with the NBCF to help bring patients together with more effective health care solutions through patient advocacy, improved access and diagnosis, better technology and research for a cure. Her hope is that breast cancer will be a completely curable disease in her lifetime.

Professionally, Ashley was most recently a Vice President of Investor Relations at The Carlyle Group, Ashley was responsible for the creation and development of new funds as well as fund marketing and fundraising initiatives.

Kara Gorski, an economist, writer, speaker and breast cancer survivor, shares that her mission is to “encourage women to embrace the perfectly imperfect and create a life they love, leaving impossible standards behind.” Her personal and professional journey have been chronicled by Marlo Thomas, featured on The Today Show, MSNBC’s Morning Joe, and shared by Dr. Jill Biden. Kara is a contributor to the Huffington Post, MSNBC’s Know Your Value column, NOU Magazine, and Cure Diva among others.

Dr. David Weintritt, founder of the National Breast Center Foundation, says “Kara and Ashley bring a wealth of personal knowledge and experience to the foundation.  We are excited to have them join our team and further our mission to provide access for all women to crucial education and medical options for breast cancer treatment.”


May Updates


May 2016

Foundation Updates




It’s been a busy month at the foundation! Here are a few highlights:



-The foundation participated in the We Will Survive Cancer Gala honoring cancer survivor Ginger Vuich. We are looking into ways the foundation can team up with We Will Survive Cancer to provide additional care to women diagnosed with breast cancer and their families.



-Dr. Weintritt traveled to both Vancouver and Florida for educational opportunities that will benefit patients in our area and beyond. In Vancouver, he was involved with establishing a protocol for a new technique for lymph node biopsies aimed at improving how they are done in the United States and provide options for less developed countries world wide. Dr. Weintritt spoke at a major hospital in Florida to discuss the development of a breast care program and identify ways in which care for women could be improved.


-The foundation met with representatives from a company dedicated to providing an affordable method of genetic testing for patients. For many cancers, our DNA holds the key to understanding our risk and the ability to act BEFORE cancer occurs or at least improve how we are screened. We will continue to seek opportunities to provide cutting edge technology to our patients and avoid unnecessary or outdated treatments wherever possible.


-Dr. Weintritt and foundation Executive Director Martha Carucci met with physicians and administrators from Neighborhood Health clinic in Alexandria. Neighborhood Health is dedicated to providing care for uninsured and underinsured women in our area. We had a very productive meeting and will work with them to educate their team as well as provide our resources to give these local women access to the same level of care as others. Neighborhood Health’s desire to reach out and our desire to provide them the necessary resources allow us to work together to change the statistics that identify our area as the part of the country with the highest rate of breast cancer and one of the highest incidences of late stage breast cancer diagnosis.




-The First Annual National Breast Center Foundation Golf Tournament was a great success! Despite a few showers, the weather held up for a fun and friendly day on the links for a great cause. A huge thank you to all of our sponsors and all those who participated in the event. The money raised from the tournament will go toward furthering the foundation mission of education, access and technology for all women. We look forward to having more of you join us next year!


-Stay tuned for more updates and news about our upcoming walk for breast cancer in October. If you have any questions, suggestions or are interested in volunteering for the foundation, please contact Martha Carucci at



Spring2Action – April 20, 2016

Today is another day I’m reminded about the greatness of our community. When I started the National Breast Center Foundation in October of 2014, I had a vision of ALL women having access to the highest level of care imaginable. I saw how often even the most well informed patients were unaware of major advances in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and that they weren’t hearing of these options from other places. I also saw how close many women were to giving up due to lack of resources or lack of confidence that anyone or anything existed that could take away their problems. I also saw how excited our patients that had survived breast cancer and who had benefited from the options we provided were to get behind a foundation whose goal it was to give everyone the same experience.


Spring2Action is a reminder of all the organizations similar to ours that are drawn to a cause and dedicated to doing something about it. I applaud their efforts and selflessness to take the means they have and create something special for others. Thank you everyone who has graciously given money, time, ideas, and prayers for the National Breast Center Foundation and so many others. As great as our vision may be, it takes you to make it reality.


Sincerely yours,


David C. Weintritt, MD, FACS

Founder, National Breast Center and Foundation

Spring2ACTion is TODAY!! April 20th

Please consider a donation TODAY during Spring2ACTion to the National Breast Center Foundation so that we can provide ALL women with access to proper education, screening and treatment for breast cancer.  Even a small donation of $10 helps.  Forwarding this to 10 of your friends helps immensely as well.  Thanks!!!!
To donate, please go to:


Spring2ACTion is Almost Here!





Support the National Breast Center Foundation with Spring2ACTion



YOU can help the National Breast Center Foundation WIN BIG! Give during Spring2ACTion on April 20th and the foundation could win up to $40,000 in grants and prizes! Your donation of even just $10 and forwarding to 10 friends will make an incredible difference!


What: Give with our community during Spring2ACTion

When: Wednesday, April 20th

Where: Online at



Tell your friends! Forward this email! Share it on Facebook and Twitter! Help us get the word out about the foundation and our mission. The DC metro region has the highest incidence and mortality from breast cancer in the nation. We will not accept the status quo!


Mark your calendar for Wednesday, April 20th! And find out more by visiting or


Please click on the following video to learn more about the foundation:






$10 donation: Assists in education and outreach

$50 donation: Provides screening and personalized risk assessment

$100 donation: Covers comprehensive office visit where anxiety is met with answers

$250 donation: Provides Whole Breast Ultrasound screening or Digital Mammogram

$500 donation: Covers biopsy including equipment needed and pathology testing

$1000 donation: Sponsors breast cancer surgery and the path to the cure!





What if we all gave on one day? We can! On Wednesday, April 20th, our community will come together for 24 hours of unprecedented giving to support the amazing work of Alexandria charities, including the National Breast Center Foundation, through Spring2ACTion. Last year, $1,276,909 was raised in one day for 129 nonprofits!

The National Breast Center Foundation needs your help to raise funds and awareness for the fight against the breast cancer crisis in our community. The DC metro region has the highest incidence and mortality from breast cancer in the nation. Many women in our community do not have access to much-needed breast cancer care. Others need better screening or are undergoing treatment without hearing all options. We will not accept the status quo! That is why our efforts are focused on education, improving access, and better technology to turn the tide.


Every donation gives us a chance to win up to $40,000 in grants and prizes. Please help us raise awareness and show support by saving the date and making a donation online on April 20th at:

Or go to and enter National Breast Center Foundation in the search button or under “Find a Cause”.

Please forward this message to anyone you know who would like to support this great opportunity – an army of small donors will help us do amazing things!

For more information, please contact us at 703-664-2403 or Find out more by visiting and remember – April 20th is the day to give!


February Letter from Dr. Weintritt

This Wednesday, I was standing outside on a cold and rainy afternoon loading boxes into my car. After 12 years, my wife Tara and I decided to move into a new house to provide more space for our family that had grown from a single one-month-old child when I started my practice in 2003 to three very active and growing elementary and middle school kids. A neighbor walked by and kindly asked how the move was going and I mentioned that while I felt blessed that we had a home and were able to move into a larger house, I was growing weary from weeks of packing and moving in the midst of rain, snow and work. I stood next to my car and mentioned how much I would love to have a nice day to go for a walk with my family or go outside and throw a ball with my kids. For some reason I also said that I would love to see a rainbow against a clear sky (I promise I can’t recall that phrase ever coming out of my mouth before).

Thursday morning I woke up and left early for work thinking about all the things I needed to accomplish starting with surgery then meetings and finally afternoon office hours – and of course more boxes after work. As I was driving to the surgery center, I couldn’t believe my eyes – the sun was rising, the sky was clearing and there was the most beautiful rainbow I had ever seen arcing across the sky. I smiled knowing it was more than a coincidence and once again God had shown me that it was OK to ask for help that He is more than capable of providing. I realized how fortunate I was to be the one performing surgery, helping patients in the office and moving into a new house and what an honor it is to help our brave patients.

I hope they see rainbows because I know they all have difficult days. I hope they feel that every new day offers an opportunity to get well and have their prayers answered. I hope they see the National Breast Center and Foundation the same way I saw that beautiful sky – that we are capable of providing the help they need carrying their burden on the way to being well again.



National Breast Center Foundation Receives 501c3 Public Charity Status

We are pleased to announce that we have been given tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) pubic charity status by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The Foundation previously was supported by United Charitable ( which is a 501(c)(3) sponsor.

Donors will continue to deduct contributions they make under IRS Section 170, with 100% of the donation going to the Foundation. “We are very excited to have our own identity now as a Foundation and look forward to continuing to provide all women with better options for access, technology and education about breast cancer” said Dr. David Weintritt, founder of the National Breast Center Foundation. “The Foundation’s new status is a step in the right direction to being able to reach more women.”

Spring2Action Campaign-April 20, 2016    

Once again we are teaming up with ACT for Alexandria for their 24-hour online giving campaign, Spring2Action, which will be help on Wednesday, April 20th. More information will be sent out soon but please mark your calendars! Help us beat last year’s total donations and help the foundation have chances to win additional grants and financial prizes. For more information please go to

Spring Golf Tournament!

Please mark your calendars as well for our first annual National Breast Center Foundation Spring Golf Tournament! The event will be held on Friday, May 13th at Belle Haven Country Club. Get your foursomes together today, as there will be a limited number of spaces available. If you would like to participate or help sponsor the event, please contact Martha Carucci at

New Website and Social Media Accounts

 We are very excited to launch our new website: We also have a new Facebook page, Google +, Twitter and Instagram accounts. You can make donations to the foundation directly on the website. We would like to ask that if you have any comments about your experience with Dr. Weintritt and his staff that you would be willing to share on our website or other social media, please contact Martha Carucci at

Fall Event

Stay tuned for information about a special event we are planning for October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Foundation Volunteers

The foundation needs your help! If you are interested in volunteering for the foundation and donating your time and skills, please contact us. More hands on deck allow us to reach more women and fulfill our mission to serve those who need help.


The National Breast Center Foundation

The National Breast Center Foundation exists to improve the lives of women by removing barriers that prevent them from getting proper screening, diagnosis, and education about breast cancer. Our region has the HIGHEST incidence and mortality from breast cancer in the nation. Women in our area also have one of the highest rates of late stage breast cancer. Something has to happen to address this crisis. I believe that education, access, and technology are the answer.

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