October 24, 2016 Martha Carucci

Letter from Dr. Weintritt about the Walk to Bust Cancer

Save-The-DateI know many of you have been in the room as the recipient of a new diagnosis of breast cancer. I also know how courageous, strong, and determined you’ve been to not let cancer win. I know others who have rallied to support a loved one – not always knowing exactly what to do, but determined to make a difference and to NEVER let the person dear to your heart EVER feel alone. These are the moments that show how the will to survive and the compassion to give can overcome any obstacle, and Sunday was one of these moments.

Now imagine someone with no resources or support who can’t even imagine overcoming the challenge of getting a mammogram, much less dealing with an abnormal finding. Also imagine any of us trying to make a decision without being presented all the treatment options. These scenarios happen every day. Our mission is clear. Find those who need a hand and give it to them. Create a plan that is inclusive and effective and make it happen.

The Walk to Bust Cancer is about turning awareness into action. We’ve already begun the process of funding mammogram screening as well as biopsies of abnormal findings. We’ve also figured out a way to provide genetic testing to all women who qualify so we can treat and protect whole families as well. One day at a time, one life at a time, one vision for all.