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Advancements in Breast Cancer Treatment

MammaPrint Test Helps Optimize Breast Cancer Care

National Breast Center’s Use of Personalized Medicine Focuses on Care and Avoids Unnecessary Treatments

Personalized medicine is the future of cancer care. It is a course of treatment tailored to the needs and genetic makeup of the individual patient. Providing customized care is a powerfully reassuring experience that gives each patient the confidence they have the best chance possible of conquering their illness. At the National Breast Center, that begins with MammaPrint® test from Agendia, Inc. MammaPrint® is an FDA-approved, molecular-level test that examines 70 different genetic factors associated with each case of breast cancer. It can determine whether a patient has a low or high risk of a recurrence of their cancer. A low risk score means there is a one in 10 chance that breast cancer may recur at a future time. A high risk score means there is a three in 10 chance or greater of a breast cancer recurrence. MammaPrint® eliminates an intermediate risk score, where it’s unknown if the risk for a cancer recurrence is low or high. An indeterminate score was once associated with nearly 40 percent of breast cancer cases, and often made courses of care unnecessarily aggressive and grueling for patients. MammaPrint® risk scoring helps Dr. Weintritt and his team at National Breast Center determine the best course of treatment for patients and guarantee that the patient will not undergo any unnecessary chemotherapy or other treatments.

For questions about MammaPrint®, please call us at 703-664-2407 or email us at

BioZorb® Helps Minimize Patient Exposure to Radiation

Dissolving Implantable Device Guides Targeting and Application of Treatments

Patients battling cancer are often uneasy about potential side effects that can last long after they are free of the disease. Here at National Breast Center, we do everything possible to ensure our patients have options that can reduce the amount of radiation given while improving the accuracy.

This helps relieve anxiety about the impact of the care they receive and places them in a more positive state of mind. One of the keys to that mission is the innovative BioZorb® implantable device from Focal Therapeutics. Most National Breast Center patients who undergo a lumpectomy or partial mastectomy receive the BioZorb®. The FDA-approved device acts as a three-dimensional marker to show specifically where the excised cancer tumor was located, providing pinpoint precision for positioning radiation treatments. Without such guidance, radiation oncologists are often forced to treat larger areas of the breast with higher doses of radiation. With BioZorb®, the patient receives radiation precisely at the site of the cancer resulting in fewer complications and better outcomes. The BioZorb® does not interfere with healing, the existing surgical plan, or surgical breast reconstructions, and eventually dissolves harmlessly within the body.

Six tiny and benign titanium chips remain at the surgical site to guide future imaging and assist in quickly detecting any recurrences of cancer. Access to cutting edge technology like this allows our patients to have the best outcomes possible.

For questions about BioZorb® please call us at 703-664-2407 or email us at

Advancements in Breast Cancer Technology: The SPY Portable Handheld Imager (SPY-PHI)

National Breast Center Lead Site for Groundbreaking Device used in Breast Cancer Surgery

We understand how powerful it can be to hear the words: “you are clear of cancer.“ This peace of mind is something that a revolutionary new imaging technology provides to breast cancer patients in need to knowing if their cancer has spread. As we work with patients to identify cancer, then work to treat and/or remove cancer, we’ve always been unable to determine 100 percent if the cancer was removed entirely. Now, using the new SPY Portable Handheld Imager (SPY-PHI), manufactured by NOVADAQ Technologies Inc., surgeons can identify if all the cancer cells have been removed, with absolute certainty. The SPY-PHI device allows surgeons to visualize blood flow and related tissue perfusion in real time with its Fluorescence Imaging Technology.

Having access to this one-of-a-kind piece of technology allows us to have a reliable and objective way to assess blood flow and follow the pathway of cancer. As a result, we can confidently inform patients on the best course of action in their journey to recovery.

National Breast Center is currently one of the lead sites to have access to this FDA-approved state-of-the-art device and continues to stay on the cutting edge of innovations in breast cancer surgery.

The National Breast Center combines advanced technology and over a decade of specialized surgical training with a truly personalized focus on breast health.

For more information on the SPY-PHI device, please call us at 703-664-2407 or email us at

National Breast Center Foundation Golf Tournament – May 12

Please come out and join us for our Second Annual NBCF Golf Tournament on Friday, May 12 at Belle Haven Country Club! To register, please go to

For more information, please contact Martha Carucci at 202-309-4026

Thanksgiving Message

Thanksgiving Message

I was in the office today sitting with yet another inspirational patient who, in the midst of making decisions and plans for an upcoming bilateral mastectomy, took a moment to ask me about my Thanksgiving and made me promise I was going to take some time off to relax and be with my family. I thought two things – first, did I look worn out and in need of a vacation, and second, how amazing for someone to be in the midst of a life-saving but life- changing surgical plan with all the potential issues involved yet in the same moment find the kindness to care for someone else.

It reminded me of a recent sermon in which a quote or comment from A. W. Tozer was discussed where he plead with his fellow man (and woman) to not walk with the world, but to walk with the Holy Spirit. Having that perspective allows you to be weeks away from major surgery for breast cancer yet find time to worry about the well-being of others. That perspective allows us to face the trials and tribulations in life and to not let them erode our confidence and faith. And when we do falter, we find ourselves lifted up time and time again.

This intent or purpose to distance ourselves from the pull of negativity and complacency leads to amazing discoveries in the fight against cancer, it led me to start a foundation whose sole purpose is to provide answers for those who don’t know where to turn, and it gives us the ability to face any challenge with courageous intent. And when human nature strays us from our bearing, we can be thankful that for all those that say things aren’t possible, we can walk with Someone for whom anything possible.

Thank you everyone for all the kind words that are written and spoken every day and for allowing us to be part of your lives.

Wishing you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving,

Dr. Weintritt